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How to Join
Tabernacle Baptist Church offers membership in a number of ways.
People may offer themselves as candidates for membership at any
worship service by presenting themselves in any of the following

1. By public acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior     
followed by believers' baptism through immersion;

2. By letter of recommendation from another Baptist church of like   
faith and order;

3. By statement of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and        
previous believers' baptism through immersion; or

4. By Watchcare membership. Watchcare membership will be          
provided to those persons who temporarily reside in our                    
community and desire to become a part of Tabernacle while             
retaining full membership in another congregation.

If you would like to begin a dialog about becoming a Christian or joining
Tabernacle Baptist Church,
simply contact a member of the Pastoral Team.